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Welcome to Creation Fountains

                “Creation Fountains” as the name suggests, has been associated with various forms of water bodies, staring from the manufacturing of Indoor fountains, to a range of esthetically designed outdoor fountains & waterfalls Suitable for homes, officers, hotels, resorts, parks, gardens, road crossing and roundabouts.

              Creation also specialized in landscaping & creating landscape features like rockeries, sculptures, murals, cemented log railings & bridges, wallscapes, and custom made landscape lighting including  manufacture of cemented / fiberglass log pole lights, fiberglass mushroom light and stone  / rock lights.

              Creation also undertakes development of Terrace gardens, along with complete waterproofing task as well as perforated drainage system, both essential for a successful terrace garden.

              Creation is among the few companies having in-house capability to design, manufacture and execute even the most advanced and eye-soothing water features and landscape features , a capability which ensures our client total peace of mind and utter satisfaction.


The word 'Fountain is derived from the Latin word 'Fontis' which means spring. Fountains add life to your home and joy to your life.

A water fountain can serve as a functional art piece, invoking the sense of sight and sound.

A fountain can be added to your house or office decor for its beauty and elegance.

Creation fountains are designed to fulfill Fangshui and Vastu requirements too.

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